Our company produces electrolysis installations for enterprises, water utilities, swimming pools, offering Clients the most favorable terms of cooperation. Equipment for sodium hypochlorite production is assembled according to individually developed projects in lockstep with specific application requirements. For the production of installations we use extra high-quality, wear-resistant materials resulting in long service life of the equipment.

RUGIDRO AQUA series include water packaged units for sodium hypochlorite preparation of following types:

  1. For water decontamination – electrolysis installations provide preparation of sodium hypochlorite on the ground with a concentration of 8 g/l, i.e. completely safe for human health.
  2. For water utilities – our equipment ensures the cost saving for water treatment as well as avoids the need to chloride storage.
  3. For enterprises – electrolysis installations are used for sewage treatment as well as for bio-waste elimination in different industries including food and dairy production.

You can buy equipment for sodium hypochlorite production via electrolysis of table salt with delivery in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Check the price with the manufacturing company staff in such manner as it thinks fit.