Welding generators

Performance of welding in the absence of electric power supply is a problem that requires the usage of a special device. Such devices are capable to generate the electric current through the energy released by the combustion process. This category of devices includes diesel and gasoline welding generators.

This device is additionally equipped with a power unit that allows connecting the variety of tools. The connected equipment is used for welding.

Operational features of the Welding generator

The devices allow to perform the manual welding with electrodes. The energy from combustion moves the piston. This part is connected to the drive by a connecting-rod. Welding generator rectifies the generated current, and supplies the transformed current to the electrodes.

The described operational scheme provides the possibility of its remote usage in construction and installation works, car repairs, laying communications. Choosing the devices from leading manufacturers guarantees the high quality and affordable prices. For example, Elitech, Endress, BlueWeld, SDMO producers output such kind of welding machines.

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