Modular electrolysis installations

In a number of cases, it is necessary to promptly ensure the water decontamination, while the corresponding infrastructure is absent or in a breakdown state. A modular solution is optimal in terms of project timing and capital costs.

The electrolysis installation, including all capacitive and pumping equipment, is placed in a module, which is a container (or several containers), recycled and prepared in complete accordance with SNiP requirements for electrolysis production.

The modular solution allows eliminating the project design stage, since only a network connection project is needed to install the module. There is also no need to build a special building for the electrolysis installation. The preparation time for the container is comparable to the production time for the electrolysis installation, thus, the time interval from making a decision on the placement of a modular electrolysis installation to its commissioning can make about 3-4 months.


Modular electrolysis installations are also optimal for solving temporary problems involving the subsequent transfer of equipment to another ground.

Thus, the commissioning of a modular electrolysis installation provides the following possibilities and advantages:

  1. Startup within the shortest time period
  2. Minimization of capital costs
  3. Minimization of operating costs for decontamination.
  4. Independence from reagent suppliers
  5. Equipment mobility if it is necessary to move to another ground