Cooperation with project, engineering and construction companies

We stand ready to cooperate at all stages:

  1. Feasibility study preparation - provision of initial data, calculation of CAPEX and OPEX, ROI analysis.
  2. Development of project design documentation (PD and RD phases) - consulting in TH and ATH stages development, preparation of the equipment drawings.
  3. Equipment supply - we are ready to supply electrolysis equipment according to design documentation, which includes other manufacturers. Our equipment has a number of qualities that make it possible to simply integrate it into the technological scheme, such as: compactness, energy efficiency, producibility.


Our electrolysis installations are capable to operate in complex with any method of salt brine preparation: ion-exchange water treatment, salt brine decarbonization, etc. Subject to the Client’s approval, we can fit our installations into a space intended for membrane electrolyzers.


Implemented into the production process high standards of quality management allow us to minimize the cost of our equipment and offer the best price on the market of high-quality electrolysis installations.