Electrolysis installations for enterprises

Sodium hypochlorite is a reagent for water decontamination and waste disposal disinfection. The mentioned technology has no need in sufficient time input; herewith it differs by high operational performance. RUGIDRO offers delivery of the equipment for the production of sodium hypochlorite for plants and industrial enterprises in various fields.

Sodium hypochlorite production for enterprises

Manufacturing application of sodium hypochlorite

The reagent appeared over a century ago. It has gained the relevance over the past 10 years, when environmental issues began to be raised globally; attention to food and medical fields has increased.

Chlorine is an analogue of hypochlorite however not all enterprises can apply it in the production. Effect of toxic gases can lead to personnel / Client’s poisoning. Chlorine should be stored in special rooms - some enterprises are forced to allocate separate buildings for this purpose.

Sodium hypochlorite is several times safer and in the meantime retains the beneficial properties of chlorine.

Therefore, electrolysis installations for the production of sodium hypochlorite are widely used in industrial facilities.

  1. Sewage treatment. Sodium hypochlorite destroys plant -and animal-based microorganisms. It helps to eliminate odors, including from sulfur-containing elements; it decontaminates wastewater from cyanide compounds, ammonium, phenols, ammonia, humic substances, chloraldehydes, acids, mercury.
  2. Food industry. Hypochlorite solution is the most suitable and profitable decontamination agent in this area. It destroys the maximum number of plant bacteria, spores, cells. It is used as a flushing solution for destroying bacteriophages in cheese-making, molluscs, crustaceans in fish production, as a disinfectant for pens and tanks. By the way, in the USA, hypochlorite solution is used for grain processing.
  3. Milk industry. Sodium hypochlorite is applied for prevention of food contamination.
  4. Removal of biofouling at closed-cycle enterprises. This problem is especially serious for the nuclear and energy industries.

Benefits of electrolysis installations inventory at the factory

The usage of electrolysis installation in production is highly economically profitable. Therefore, large enterprises refuse to purchase reagents from suppliers and install their own electrolysis equipment.

  1. The quality of decontamination is comparable to chlorine. High purification rates.
  2. Circulation water supply systems are unexposed to biofouling. The operating life increases, there are no odors.
  3. The efficiency indicators of heat exchange equipment increase.
  4. Significant reduction in costs for decontamination.
  5. The decontamination unit works automatically. No human contact with harmful gases and industrial accidents, as with chlorine.
  6. Full autonomy from suppliers of sodium hypochlorite - including financial, since the prices of biocides are regularly increasing.
  7. Production re-equipment is less expensive compared to the installation of UV radiation or ozone treatment systems. But the thoroughness and the number of control inspections from the relevant authorities will significantly decrease.
Chemical industry
Power industry
Oil and gas industry

Considerable experience in cooperation with leading Russian industrial companies and our own production allows us to offer:

  • high-quality equipment;
  • wide selection of products;
  • end-to end solutions for electrolysis installations integration and production of sodium hypochlorite.

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